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Dear Smith Club Presidents,

I am writing to both let you know how the college is responding to this devastation and ask that if you individually or as a club are planning any outreach or help for the victims, to please let me know so that our office can pass on the information.

In support of colleges and universities stricken by Hurricane Katrina, Smith College will offer undergraduates from western Massachusetts the opportunity to take fall semester classes at Smith on a space-available basis. Local women and men enrolled in one of the colleges or universities affected by the disaster along the Gulf Coast will not be charged for the courses. Campus housing is full, so Smith is unable to offer housing to the additional students. The expectation is that the emergency program will serve students within commuting distance.

The Alumnae Association has posted a Gulf Coast alumnae check-in on our Web site to provide a way for those affected by Hurricane Katrina to let their Smith friends know they're safe.

We have received news from the three alums in New Orleans who recently re-started the Smith Club there about their safety.

Our hearts go out to all of the victims.